About Us

At Squixy, we say “Learn Fast. Learn Fun.” 

We know kids just learn better when they’re enjoying themselves. And, we know they’ll learn more effectively when their educational play involves not just digital technology, but also tactile interactions (reading a physical book, writing, coloring, and solving puzzles).

We’re an educational technology platform with the mission to incorporate the three phases of play (physical, digital, and augmented reality) into a fun, whimsical, and impactful learning experience supplementing the common core educational instruction kids receive in school.

We’re teacher-led.

With every book, game, or video we produce, a talented team of teacher-advisors help develop the content and ensure that we’re doing our absolute best to teach your child in the most effective way possible. Our Teacher Advisory Board is comprised of experts leading classes from preschool to 5th grade with focus in general education, special education, STEM administration, math intervention, language development, and reading specialties.

Here's one of the videos kids will access through our app when they scan a special trigger in our multiplication book, Squixy and the Battle for All Time(s)! 

Squixy's Chief Learning Officer, Ms. Stephanie, keeps learning fun at all time(s)!